Pruning Moringa & Hydroponic Lettuce Update

- September 19, 2016



The 5 Moringa trees are off and running, doing very well. They are getting taller than I’d like for them to be. So it’s time to do some pruning. I’ll cut the tops out of each one in hopes of encouraging more side shoots and a bushy profile. The tree that I topped a few weeks ago responded nicely, so I expect the others to do the same thing.

Also, it’s been 18 days since I started the rail system for growing hydroponic lettuce. I have some Pak Choi growing too, and things are looking just awesome right now. My goal is to have full sized heads of lettuce in 30 days. At the rate that these plants are growing, I think that goal is

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  • I hope you kept the seed from the pods. The oil from the seeds is wonderful and is used in very expensive skin creams.

    Carola Polakov - 15 months ago

  • i live in vegas during summer its very hot and wnter very cold how can i grow moringa here. di they live or survive in cold weather

    Anthony Mallari - 20 months ago

  • Did you propagate the cuttings?

    2reasons - 38 months ago

  • In Hawaii, many of us have Moringa plants that we got from a friend. I got mine in a 6 ft. length and was told to cut into 3' logs and bury about a foot, making sure I got the right side up. In a few days, the shoot came out the fringe of the upper cut. They've been doing that since as I pull it off every time they get too leggy. The young leaves are what you use in soups, salads and dry to make the tea. The fruit, is also edible and used in many Asian dishes. It is used to keep sugar levels down. Allegedly, the leaves also help with Pancreatic Cancer.

    Raymond Takiue - 38 months ago

  • How are the trees now?

    Jeremy Gragston - 44 months ago

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