Moringa Update – Transplanting seedlings & Pruning tips!

- September 19, 2016



We transplant Moringa seedlings into containers. We will also look at a few tips to grow Moringa oleifera. The Moringa tree is a superfood and if you live in warm areas do grow this superfood and use the leaves in smoothies, cook them as soup with lentils and ginger. and the benefits of using the leaves a

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  • I would love to buy some seeds from you if you sell them :)

    sandeep sandeep - 1 month ago

  • I ordered in ebay, i directly sow in the pot in 10 days never germinated so what i did is washed it and put in paper towel in just 5 days its growing with roots already.

    Kyla Alpin - 4 months ago

  • Thanks for the video. In India when we had Moringa tree, it had a lot of caterpillars.

    Is that common in California too?

    Thank You

    Divya Vavilala - 6 months ago

  • Hi, I've planted Moringa two moths ago in July and it grew pretty will for a month and suddenly little branches start to die until all the plan died, What did I do wrong?

    Ibrahim Hassan - 6 months ago

  • My moringa plant's leaves have started having white spots on them . I tried with neem oil spray but that has turned the leaves completely yellow . What might be the solution to this?

    David Edward - 7 months ago

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