Lets Grow Hydroponic Strawberries 2015 (1)

- September 19, 2016



This year i’m growing strawberries in a larger DWC non circulating system. Part 1 for 2015. No Power or Pumps needed. Very easy DIY Hydroponic system.

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  • Cats, kids, and strawberries :) all great!!! This looks like a great system. I know the Kratky will allow you to replace new nutrients you just can't refill your whole reservoir I think if I understand it correctly you leave about 2" or so. That is my understanding. So if I grow a 30 to 45 day lettuce i will not refill it and harvest it when the res was about empty. But with tomatoes or crops that need more care I will change the nutrient every 30 days and just fill it to where it was but maintain 2" min/max level.

    Benja's Uber 1337 Hobby - 8 months ago

  • Hi, I'm new to hydroponics and I'm having some difficulties. Would you mind watching my video and sharing any advice?
    Thank you!

    Chris Binai - 21 months ago

  • You're giving me ideas :)

    I want to try to do aeroponic strawberries at the back end of the season because my kid LOVES them.  It looks like I can grow them through fruit and plant em in a bed to overwinter.  I'm designing the system so I can just yank the plant with its roots right out of the system so it should be transplantable. 

    I only ever grew a strawberry plant once and I really didn't know what I was doing.  It was a pretty epic fail.  Looks like I need to watch your videos :)

    Steve Laubach - 25 months ago

  • What to u do with the plants after they done making fruit for the year. If u save them how, and where.

    Lesgo54 - 26 months ago

  • Getting fruit quicker is always a good thing.

    The Little Whitehouse - 26 months ago

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