Hydroponic Strawberries (Using Tower Garden)

- September 19, 2016



We started an entire Tower Garden unit dedicated to growing strawberries hydroponically in order to meet the needs for the strawberries (low pH and changes to nitrogen during the growing process). For starting the growing process we are using a the nutrient solution with Master Blend (N-P-K = 4 -18- 38) mixed with calcium nitrate ( 15.5-0-0), and magnesium sulfate and although most plants do fine with the 6.0 pH we usually run strawberries lower between pH 5.5 to 6.0. According to the research we have been reading (take a look at our blog for links and more information) strawberries need more nitrogen during the non-fruiting period then nitrogen should be decreased during the fruiting stage to prevent the plants from producing too much green vegetation.

If you have experience or suggestions please feel free to let us know, we had some limited success with strawberries mixed in with our other systems (VGS, Tower, Barrels, in the past) but think we can get a better yield if we focus an entire system to just the strawberries.

Please feel free to comment or contact us.
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  • What are your amounts of master blend, calcium nitrate, and magnesium per gallon or whatever your using? Also when you say lower the nitrogen what do u do for that? Do you just your master blend by itself?

    Jayson Colbert - 1 month ago

  • Thanks for your reply to my earlier question. I have another question, if you don't mind. I am in NJ, zone 6/7, and am wondering if when using these towers outdoors for growing hydroponics strawberries, would the plants survive if left in the towers outdoors during winter, or they should be pulled out and put in the soil for overwintering. Thanks.

    chandra0102 - 6 months ago

  • Do you have another video showing how to build a tower like this for growing hydroponic strawberries? Thanks

    chandra0102 - 7 months ago

  • good.. thankz for d video.. Watz the cost of the tower..

    Prathamesh Taharabadkar - 18 months ago

  • I have always trimmed the roots back by half before planting. It causes them to split creating a greater finer root mass.

    Indoor Hydroponix - 18 months ago

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