How to grow Strawberries in Hydroponics, Tips #1 2013

- September 19, 2016



2nd season with my strawberry tower. I show you how I get my system up & running & how i transplant my strawberry plants into my hydroponic system. I also answer a few question & show you the new hydroponic nutrient that i’ll be using this year. Easy home made Vertical Hydroponic system. This is a great way to grow food in a small area. Q&A at the end of the video.

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  • Will the plastic not breakdown under UV?

    Mahesh S - 5 days ago

  • I was interested in Hydroponics and wanted to know more. I bought this book and it helped me, explore different systems *[Check Details Here  ===> ]*, how to's, answered questions, etc. It is responsible for my addiction to Hydroponics and a great resource in helping me set up my system

    Alden Giron - 1 week ago

  • Hi Larry, how's it growing lately?

    Jim Gale - 2 weeks ago

  • you dont need a pump. could siphon old fashioned way

    Philipo Devine - 1 month ago

  • Come to India

    jitender singh - 2 months ago

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