Homemade vertical (A-Frame) hydroponic system Facebook https://www.facebook.com/greenerways

- September 2, 2016



By Greenerways (http://on.fb.me/LL5eHl)
This system sits on a 6’x10′ foot print,holds 168 plants & can be easily moved or transported.
I’m currently growing basil
For J-hook Or pipe brackets……… Home Depot Model #HD553-8W Store SKU #190576
Sioux Chief3 in. PVC DWV J-Hook Pipe Hanger

For more info. please visit my Facebook https://www.facebook.com/greenerways

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  • Beginner here: where should my A frame facing the sun? east & west?

    Nico Adhinata - 6 days ago

  • How did i get to a Hydroponic video with no weed ?

    Devin Bushrow - 1 week ago

  • Thanks

    Cw Pemberton - 1 week ago

  • How rattling it's to grasp that the waste from water creatures may be want to grow and fertilize plants. These plants that ar concerned in Hydroponics do not would like soil to grow and truly grow in water! may be} an awfully distinctive method and therefore the author will well to clarify however Hydroponics can be want to optimize the resources obtainable to supply food with valuable nutrients to individuals [Check Details Here  ===> fb.com/EasyAquaponicSystems/app/137541772984354 ].This choice presents the muse of Hydroponics, and income to clarify the science during a} simply understood manner that's very pleasurable to browse. Andy Jacobson explains however the system works, common issues that will arise, and totally different strategies you will use to urge started. Offers nice insight for a beginner within the field, would advocate those seeking an​ understanding of Hydroponics to urge themselves started.

    David Ford - 1 week ago

  • In the hydroponics book, the author does a decent job of describing how to build a couple of different growing systems. However, in the Aquaponics book you are left on your own if you want to DIY. Still, the author provides great tips about how to succeed with an Aquaponics system [Check Details Here  ===> fb.com/EasyAquaponicSystems/app/137541772984354 ] (such as needing to let bacteria grow in the water before adding the fish – that was new to me!). And he also explains each system in reasonable detail, as well as the benefits for both kinds of systems.

    Alex Williams - 1 week ago

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