home made DIY DFT / NFT PVC Hydroponic System

- September 2, 2016



This PVC hydroponic system only takes up a bit of room on my workbench, it’s very small. It uses two 4 ft fluorescent

lights which are energy efficient and do not effect the room temperature at all. The lights are mounted on top using

adjustable chains. . It’s my first experiment with lettuce.

This whole system only cost $20.00 to make, very cheap for the novice to experience with.

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Comments (22)

  • I want to make a similar system but what is that end cap that has the 1/2" threaded hole in it? I love that idea for the drain but can't find a cap or plug like that. Where did you get it?

    Becky G - 3 months ago

  • are you growing an organic vegie? but you used some chemical nutrients to control the ph.

    mshop mshop - 4 months ago

  • Whats the name of the median your using? The little tan pebbles

    Isaiah Rice - 6 months ago

  • Scott have you tried any other veggies like tomatoes/peppers/cucumbers?When planting inside how do you cross pollinate?Craig

    Craig Shevlin - 9 months ago

  • Ph meter?Brand? Model?

    carmen r - 9 months ago

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