Easy Hydroponics – Anybody Can Do This

- September 2, 2016



We’re checking in on the Kratky hydroponic lettuce. This is the setup that doesn’t use any type of aeration or water pump. Therefore, no electricity is needed. Things are looking great, with almost basketball sized heads of lettuce. I’ve said this before, it’s a case of

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  • I love you! You are awesome!! Thanks for sharing this!!

    KHRN2014 - 11 months ago

  • i love him and the way he shares his food with others we need more of this ..wonderful...

    posh gypsy - 11 months ago

  • How often do you change water?

    Ballal Pathare - 12 months ago

  • This is the first video I've seen using this system. Can carrots be grown with this system, or any root veg. ?

    Janice B - 12 months ago

  • This is great!!! I am creating a lesson plan on hydroponics and will probably use your video. Thanks!

    Enith Hernandez - 12 months ago

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