Best Crops for Hydroponics: Strawberries

- September 19, 2016



Strawberries grow great in vertical ZipGrow hydroponics systems. In this video, Dr. Nate Storey of Bright Agrotech discusses the specifics of what hydroponic growers need to know when growing strawberries in their systems, vertical or not. Get all the videos here:

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  • this may be a stupid question...i am new at this! when you mention 10 towers, 1 pound of strawberries a day. are you saying you are harvesting strawberries everyday? how many days a week do you harvest that quantity on 10 towers?

    Levi Btzur - 2 months ago

  • can you grow them with other plants, like lettuce, spinach, basil and macro greens?

    Stefanie Cook - 2 months ago

  • What temperature should the plants be kept at?

    Stacey Ramroop - 3 months ago

  • what masterblend formula should I use for strawberries ?

    Grey Wolf Alpha - 3 months ago

  • For nutrients, would it be beneficial to start the rootstock off with a vegetative nutrient mix, then switch over to a bloom formula after say 4 weeks? Would most bloom formulas be sufficient? +Bright Agrotech

    Devan Muir - 4 months ago

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